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Arolser Barock-Festspiele

Opening of the 36. Arolser Barock-Festspiele in the castle courtyard
Opening of the 36. Arolser Barock-Festspiele in the castle courtyard

Every year, the Arolser Barock-Festspiele, a baroque festival with a long tradition, is held in the months of May and June and presents a highly diverse and entertaining programme.

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Drawing the crowds since 1986

The baroque festival with its rich variety and versatile musical programme draws large crowds from near and far to Bad Arolsen. The Steinerne Saal and other rooms in the Residenzschloss castle, the Fürstliche Reitbahn hippodrome, the protestant town church and the old stables at the Marstall - all these historic sites and buildings in our baroque town turn into stylish stages for four days.

The baroque festival was held for the first time in 1986, and over the years, it has become one of the highlights of the German festival circuit. Connoisseurs and insiders have been rating the festival among the highlights of the annual classical music circuit for a long time. With every new instalment, the festival offers superb concerts with top-tier artists that fill the stages with ever changing fascinating, enchanting and beguiling sounds.

Outstanding artists from the whole world appear on stage every year and take the audience on a musical journey that is rounded out by a colourful programme of guided museum tours, children's performances and night owl events.


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Ticket office

Touristik-Service Bad Arolsen

Große Allee 24
34454 Bad Arolsen

+ 49 5691 801-233

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Artistic director

Mrs. Prof. Dorothee Oberlinger

Managing director since 2009 

Bad Arolsen - Natürlich!


Stadt Bad Arolsen
- Der Magistrat -
Große Allee 24
34454 Bad Arolsen


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