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Fishing in Twistesee


The fish are biting

Twistetalsperre reservoir is 3 km long and has a reservoir area of 121 hectares The shores of the lake are freely accessible, and parking is free for tourists with valid tourist cards. Locals might wish to consider purchasing multi-use car park tickets. The lake water is very clean. No wastewater is discharged into the lake.

The most recent biological fishery investigation found solid, self-reproducing populations of perch, bream and zander, as well as a large population of unusually large roach (up to 48 cm), to name just a few of the fish found here.

Fishing is permitted in Twistsee lake during the entire year.

After many years of lake management focusing on salmonids, a different stocking strategy was adopted in 2015. Last autumn, the lake was again stocked with tench and rudd.

Please pay attention to the close seasons of the individual fish species. The latest version of the Hessische Fischereiverordnung provides the relevant details. The close seasons and minimum sizes of the most common fish species are indicated on the back of your fishing permit together with lake-specific provisions; e.g. for zander (close season: 15/03 – 31/05).

To make sure everyone can enjoy fishing in the lake, the fishing association Fischereigemeinschaft Twistesee has defined catch limits; these are enforced through regular checks:
The permitted daily catch is 5 perch, 1 pike, 2 carp, 2 tench and 1 zander. There are no limits for the other types of fish.

Fishing is permitted from one hour before sunrise until 21.00; from May to August, until 23.00. Outside of these hours, fishing is not permitted. Two hand-held fishing rods (only one of which may be for predatory fish) may be used for fishing.

You must have the appropriate permit to fish in Twistesee lake. All other conditions are specified on your fishing permit.

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