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Christian Daniel Rauch-Geburtshaus

Christian Daniel Rauch Geburtshaus

This estate was called 'Hoppenhof', the hop courts, as it was located on the edge of the hop gardens. It was first mentioned in 1699, 20 years before the town was founded, as a servant house. Court trumpeter and servant Hans Georg Roth is attested to have lived here from 1699 to 1720. Later on, a court smith, a brazier and others lived in the house. Servant Johann Georg Rauch was a tenant in the house from 1765 until in 1771, he was able to purchase the estate from the Prince at a special price 'for loyal services'.

The most important sculptor of neoclassicism in Germany, Christian Daniel Rauch, was born as the 5th of six children on 2 January 1777.

This museum shows a selection of portraits from the 19th century, providing glimpses of the personality of the sculptor. Drawings give insight into the creative process for his sculptures, and diaries from this Italian journeys in 1804 and 1829 describe his studies of Italian monuments.

Tools and examples of his oeuvre present the sculptor, while personal memorabilia and medals illuminate the cult status of the artist and how his works were received.

Opening times

Only by appointment or during the mentioned special opening hours!

Admission fees

  • Adults: € 3.00
  • Reduced price: € 2.00
  • Daily ticket (valid for 2 days): € 7.00
  • Reduced-price daily ticket (valid for 2 days): € 5.00

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C. D. Rauch-Geburtshaus

Museum Bad Arolsen
Rauchstraße 6
34454 Bad Arolsen

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