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Tourist tax and card


Why a tourist tax?

We want to make sure that your holidays in our beautiful baroque city are as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

How can we do that? Well, the tourist tax revenue is an indispensable contribution. It allows us to provide each guest with a tourist card. The card gives you free or reduced-price access to many great activities and events for perfect holidays. You receive your tourist card at your hotel or other accommodation right upon your arrival.

Your benefits - it's worth it


Reduced price

  • Admission to Freizeitbad Arobella pool and spa
  • Admission to Freibad Landau and Walmebad Mengeringhausen outdoor swimming pools
  • Admission to the Christian Daniel Rauch-Museum
  • Admission to Residenzschloss Arolsen
  • Admission to Waldecker Spielzeugmuseum
  • Rental fee for e-bikes at the Touristik-Service centre
  • Admission to the minigolf course at the Sauerbrunnen mineral springs in Volkmarsen

If you stay 10 days or longer, you will receive a pen-and-ink drawing as a gift and souvenir.

How much is the tourist tax?

In central Bad Arolsen, the tourist tax is charged year-round. In the suburbs of Mengeringhausen and Wetterburg, it is charged between 1 April and 31 October. In the entire area, the tax is € 1 per person per day.

Children between 10 and 15 years as well as disabled persons (GdB 70 or higher) pay half price. Children under 10 as well as disabled persons with GdB 100 and their officially designated companions are not charged the tax.

We look forward to your visit!

Bad Arolsen - Natürlich!


Stadt Bad Arolsen
- Der Magistrat -
Große Allee 24
34454 Bad Arolsen


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